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Men’s Full Physical — Aged 18-29

Consultation Fee $2400 (2 visits) Laboratory Fees $5400

Using advanced preventative medicine and our optimal wellness approach, our health check is designed to:

  • Assess your current health and wellness

  • Assess advanced biochemical markers for

  • Evaluate lifestyle risk factors for future disease risk of future disease

  • Look at hormone balances and optimise accordingly

  • Suggest ways to reduce modifiable risk factors to optimise wellness and longevity


Results will be explained in detail and advice given where needed on lifestyle, nutrition, supplements and
medication to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. Additional tests can be added if indicated.

Consultation 1:

Includes the following:

Discussion of current physical and psychological health

  • Family history

  • Lifestyle discussion

  • Full body check

  • Full body mole check

  • Physical parameters such as BP, height, weight

  • BMI and body fat percentage

Consultation 2:

Includes the following:

  • Discussion of results

  • Treatment of any deficiencies or medical conditions

  • Referral for further testing if indicated

  • Advice on follow up, for example, lifestyle factors such as
    diet and exercise

  • Future recalls for abnormalities

Laboratory Testing

Complete Blood Count


Kidney / Renal Function

Liver Function

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Tests:

  • Glucose

  • Insulin

  • HbA1c

Blood Lipids

Testosterone Total

Thyroid Function Tests

Free T3, Free T4,TSH

HIV and Syphilis (RPR)

Chlamydia Trachomatis DNA

Hepatitis A and B

Vitamin B12 and Floate

Vitamin D Total



Stool Analysis

Purpose of Test

This screens for infection, anaemia, iron and vitamin B deficiency and bone marrow disorder.

Detects inflammation in the body

Checks kidney function levels of certain salts in the blood.

Measures several chemicals produced by the liver in the blood, These tests are highly sensitive to liver damage.

This excludes diabetes and shows the risk of developing diabetes in the future. It detects insulin resistance where the muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond properly to insulin and thus cannot easily absorb glucose from the blood Insulin stream. Over time this leads to a rise in blood glucose and weight gain if left unchecked.

Measures levels and ratios of good and bad lipids.

Important for libido, weight, energy and mood.

Thyroid problems can cause fatigue, weight gain, fluid retention muscle aches and pains, hair loss and brain fog. This test thyroid hormone levels and can also detect borderline thyroid dysfunction.

Checks for previous contact and current infection.

Checks for current infection.

Checks for previous contact and current vaccination status.

Low B12 and folate can cause many problems such as fatigue and neurological issues.

Naturally present in very few foods. It comes mainly from sun exposure. It is important for the immune system, cancer prevention and bone health.

Screening test for iron levels in the body.

Checking for signs of many diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and urine infection.

This tests for blood, parasites and infection in your stool.

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