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Educational Seminars

Optimal Family Health is pleased to offer personal educational seminars aimed at reducing the impact of the work from home environment currently imposed upon many employees.

Divided over four 15-minute online consults, these seminars are to inform patients how to effectively address optimisation of ergonomic workstation posture, optimised nutrition hydration advice, stress resilience and sleep restoration and therefore performance.

  • Session 1:  Evaluate and correct workstation positioning to negate the effects of postural compression leading to back pain and fatigue and movements and stretches that can address this.

  • Session 2: Nutrition and hydration advice to optimise performance and avoid hyper and hypoglycemia fatigue. The effects and when to use caffeine, vitamin and mineral supplements and the importance and effects of light and daylight.

  • Session 3: stress resilience to counter the effects of isolation, including techniques to address these issues such as cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness and the effects of this on adrenaline and oxygenation in the body.

  • Session 4: optimised sleep patterns to address the impact on the circadian rhythm and natural sleep cycle using cognitive behaviour therapy the use of daylight, the avoidance of blue screen affect and the importance of daylight and gentle exercise and vitamins and mineral supplementation that can help.

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