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Optimal wellness and longevity

Anti-Ageing and Optimal Wellness Medicine will help you to look and feel more energetic, vital  and youthful. It will detect, prevent, treat and reverse age related dysfunction, disorders and disease leading to a healthier and longer life.

What is Anti-Ageing medicine?

The concept of “anti-ageing medicine” is a relatively new medical field.

The specialty is the practice of the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age related dysfunction, disorders and disease. It also focusses on the promotion of optimal health, vitality and extension of a healthy lifespan.

It is a further development of “preventive medicine”, which relies on various forms of medical support to reduce or remove negative physical and changes due to increasing age.

Dr Salmond has passed the American A4M board certification exam in anti-ageing medicine.

The practice of anti-ageing medicine starts with one of our anti-aging health checks which are designed to look at general risk factors for ageing. A may be advised to look at risks of ongoing toxicity. Dr Salmond will discuss past history, family history and current health to decide if any additional testing is required such as toxin and mineral test.  A fully body check and mole check will also be done.

Once results are available risk factors will be discussed and advice given on modifying these with lifestyle, diet, exercise, supplements and medications if indicated.

We have a nutritionist on site who can advise on diet and detoxification.

Follow up will be arranged to assess improvement in laboratory markers.

Genetic testing is also available which can identify risk factors for disease and indicate optimal diet and exercise for your individual genetic make up

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