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Weight Management 

Do you feel you gain weight easier than others and your weight is gradually creeping up despite your efforts with diet and exercise?

We have an interest in addressing the underlying causes of weight gain in both men and women. In addition to discussing lifestyle, nutrition and exercise we focus on finding other underlying issues contributing to weight gain.

We investigate to identify underlying issues which can contribute to weight gain such as thyroid or borderline thyroid issues, leptin resistance, hormone deficiency or imbalance, problems with glucose metabolism, gut micro biome imbalance and genetic issues.Correcting these issues can help you to lose weight and keep it off.

Our nutritionist can advise on individualized eating plans tailored to your lifestyle and/or any identified risk factors.

Weight Loss Medication 

Unfortunately not everyone is able to lose weight despite attempts at diet and exercise.In some cases  if clinically indicated and no contraindications we can use medication to assist with weight loss.

Metformin will assist with weight in insulin resistant people ( this needs to be tested for)

Ozempic- you may have heard about this medication for weight loss. It is a safe, low side effect treatment for weight control in overweight, insulin resistant and type 2 diabetic patients (weight loss usually reverses type 2 diabetes in the overweight).

It has proven cardiovascular disease prevention and there is new evidence supporting a reduced cancer risk

Vyvance is licensed for the treatment of binge eating disorder and can be used in selected cases.

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