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Child And Teen Physical — Aged 10-17

Consultation Fee $2180 Laboratory Fees $3500

Consultation 1:

Includes the following:

Discussion of current physical and psychological health

  • Medical history

  • Family history

  • Lifestyle discussion

  • Full body check and gynaecology check

  • Full body mole check

  • Physical parameters as BP, height, weight

  • BMI and body fat percentage

Consultation 2:

Includes the following:

  • Discussion of results

  • Treatment of any deficiencies or medical conditions

  • Referral for further testing if indicated

  • Advice on follow up, for example, lifestyle factors such as
    diet and exercise

  • Future recalls for abnormalities

Laboratory Testing

Complete Blood Count


Kidney / Renal Function

Liver Function

Hepatitis A and B

Vitamin B12 and Floate

Vitamin D Total



Stool Analysis

Purpose of Test

This screens for infection, anaemia, iron and vitamin B deficiency and bone marrow disorder.

Detects inflammation in the body

Checks kidney function levels of certain salts in the blood.

Measures several chemicals produced by the liver in the blood, These tests are highly sensitive to liver damage.

Checks for previous contact and current vaccination status.

Low B12 and folate can cause many problems such as fatigue and neurological issues.

Naturally present in very few foods. It comes mainly from sun exposure. It is important for the immune system, cancer prevention and bone health.

Screening test for iron levels in the body.

Checking for signs of many diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and urine infection.

This tests for blood, parasites and infection in your stool.

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