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  • Brow lift 

  • Lower face lift and skin tightening

  • Chin lift and tightening

  • Neck tightening and lifting 

  • Décolletage lifting and tightening


Ulthera is the only FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure for lifting the brow, neck and lower face (jowls). It is also excellent for improving deep lines and wrinkles on the neck and upper chest. Ultherapy is the gold standard non-surgical alternative to a facelift. Skin is lifted and tightened with no downtime using focused ultrasound energy.


  • No downtime, only mild facial erythema

  • Some discomfort at times you will be given painkillers and topical numbing prior to treatment

  • Please note the treatment protocol has completely changed and it is now significantly less painful than in the past

  • Single treatment

  • Lasts for minimum 12 month

  •  is supported by over 110 studies and research papers (60 peer-renewed papers and 50 clinical studies)

The next time you want to consider a skin lifting treatment using a HIFU machine, make sure you choose a clinic that uses Ultherapy. Request to see the certificate of authenticity that the vendor provides to every clinic.

Starting from $8000 (before discount)


Please note!


Ultherapy is a form of HIFU, there are many non FDA approved machines available with much inferior results and these are the points of difference;

  • Depth: Unable to consistently heat at 3 layers – i.e. 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm. Too shallow may cause burns and too deep can reach the bone and it can be extremely painful and no neocollagenesis occurs.

  • Temperature: Unable to substantiate with studies that it can heat tissue consistently to 60-70°C although manufacturers claim their machines can.

  • Precision: No evidence to support the claim that it can precisely target and effectively treat the tissue under the skin which gives the lifting effect.

  • Imaging: No real time imaging provided leading to decreased safety and potentially inconsistent results

  • Results: Unconfirmed. No supporting publication on desired outcome.

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